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hat hard water feeling... soap that won't lather well... unsightly deposits on faucet heads, sinks, and other plumbing fixtures... decreased water pressure in showers and sinks... shortage of hot water... bad tasting water... mold, mildew on shower curtains... water heater acting up or even... bad hair days...

Sound familiar? If you are experiencing some or all of these problems, chances are you live in a hard water area. Unless you've invested in an expensive water softener, you've taken your water for granted. What is the cause of these problems? Your pipes are full of scale
Don't let clogged pipes get you down

 Scale is an accumulation of mineral deposits absorbed from a water stream. By the time it reaches your home, water has passed over and permeated through limestone, marble and other minerals, and has dissolved a form of calcium carbonate, commonly known as calcite, into it. When this hard water is heated or when evaporation takes place, calcite precipitates layers or rock-like deposits in your pipes and around your fixtures.

Hard water will never be an issue again
Clearwater Enviro Technologies, Inc. has developed a system that will solve your hard water problems. One that is...inexpensive, easily installed (requires no plumbing), never needs maintenance, uses less than € 3,- per year in electricity, does not require chemicals or salt, works on all types of pipes, non-invasive, takes up little space and actually works!
  The ScaleBlasterTM system uses a complex, integrated circuitry system in an attractive weatherproof box that provides a charge to a signal cable that simply wraps around your pipe. The unit features two sets of LED lights that let you know the system is functioning properly. 

Wipe out hard water residue forever

ScaleBlaster'sTM signal cable produces an oscillating electric field using a unique and complex modulating frequency wave form that produces an inaudible sonic impulse that changes the electrical and physical properties of the scale-forming calcium molecules. This causes the adhesive properties of the calcium carbonate crystals and other minerals to repel rather than adhere to pipes, fixtures and remain suspended in the water. This action stops any further build-up of scale and because the solubility of the water is increased, existing scale is taken back into the water and gradually removed.

Performance Comparison:

Water Softener ScaleBlaster™
Expensive to purchase Inexpensive to purchase
Requires constant maintenance Never needs maintenance
Makes skin feel dry Makes skin feel softer
Makes water feel "slippery" Makes water feel "silkier"
Soap suds difficult to remove Soap suds wash away easily
Exchanges Calcium for salt Does not require salt
Harmful to people on salt restricted diets No effect with people on salt restricted diets
Fails to remove existing scale in pipes Removes scale in pipes
Expensive to maintain Has no maintenance costs
Requires regular service calls Requires no service calls
  Reduces cooking times
  Eliminates the need for fabric softeners


How the ScaleBlaster™ Electronic Descaler Works:

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After 124 days:





tube is free of scale

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